About Better Morning Reading

Better Morning Reading came from a simple question: what if people used the time spent scrolling through social feeds to just read a book instead?

Here, you can "subscribe" to a book and receive a chapter via email as your daily reading each day. This website will help you track progress and manage your email schedule.

The books available here are all free public domain books.

We don't have any licensing for copyrighted books. The good news is, anything you find here you could get for free elsewhere. If you would like us to add a public domain book to the service, or if you would like to distribute your book through our service, please contact us.

We currently have 120 books available. Reading a chapter a day (including weekends), you could read them all in about 8 years.

Free Accounts and Memberships

We allow all users to read one book through the service for free. Chapter emails for free accounts may occasionally include unobtrusive advertisements. Although the books are free, it does cost money to run and maintain the service, so we ask our users to pay a small annual membership fee to help pay these costs. We also encourage our users to help support the site by following our Amazon links should they choose to purchase physical copies of the books.

Happy Reading!